Course: Nouwen & the Trinity with Dr. Robert Jonas

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What does St. Paul mean when he maintains that we have “the mind of Christ” (1 Cor. 2:16)?  What did renowned spiritual writer Henri Nouwen mean in calling us to the “life of the beloved?” Following a trail of scriptural sayings, as well as the teachings of ancient Christian mystics, and stories from Yale Divinity School professor Henri Nouwen, Dr. Jonas, long-time friend of Nouwen, explores the possibility that any of us can discover and awaken the mind (Greek: nous) of Christ. In his award-winning new book, My Dear Far-Nearness: The Holy Trinity as Spiritual Practice (Orbis, 2022), Jonas suggests that Jesus’ consciousness was trinitarian and non-dual. With attention and practice, this consciousness can– through the grace of God– be awakened in us, as well. By casting a clear, fresh light on the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, this presentation will support people in ministry, in addition to helping professionals who walk with others. By offering accessible, down-to-earth spiritual practices, this presentation will show us how to deepen our connection to God in the midst of our daily lives, and how to draw from the well of grace as we encounter the demands and challenges of ministry.

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