Tibetan Nativity Scene - Thank You Gift from Dalai Lama for the Way of Peace, India

A Thangka – sacred wall hanging – given by H. H. the Dalai Lama to Fr. Laurence Freeman and the World Community for Christian Meditation in December, 1998. Image © Robert Jonas.

Academic and Monastic Resources:

The Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies (The best resource for Buddhist-Christian events in the academic vein is the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies).

Buddhist-Christian Studies (If you have some theological training or enjoy a little academic reflection on the Buddhist-Christian dialogue, subscribe to the once-a-year publication, Buddhist-Christian Studies or just read some fascinating online articles here).

Contemplative Retreats & Buddhist-Christian Resources:

For those who want to attend Buddhist-Christian retreats go to:

Maria Kannon Zen Center (The Maria Kannon Zen Center is led be Ruben Habito, a former Jesuit priest who is an ordained Zen master)

World Community for Christian Meditation (World Community for Christian Meditation: Retreats led by Benedictine priest and monk, Fr. Laurence Freeman.)

Morning Star Zendo (Retreats led by Jesuit priest & Zen master, Fr. Robert E. Kennedy).

Centering Prayer (Retreats in the Trappist tradition, led by the founder of Contemplative Outreach, Fr. Thomas Keating, 1923-2018).

Urban Dharma: Buddhist-Catholic Dialogue (Another important Internet resource created by wandering Buddhist monk, social activist and musician, Rev. Kusala at his Urban Dharma.)